Top 5 Freeride Snowboard Picks for 2018

Top 5 Freeride Snowboard Picks for 2018

Freeriding is some of the most fun and challenging snowboarding you can do, and it is a style of riding we are all attracted to as we progress. Freeride boards tend to naturally be more aggressive and provide great stability at high speeds. Most of these boards are going to have a setback stance as well, which will help to eliminate rear leg fatigue on powder days and enhance your carving experience. Whether you want to duck into the trees, search for powder drops, or just make turns at really high speeds, these 5 boards are going to perform.


K2 Eighty Seven

The K2 Eighty Seven is the most playful board on this list, and is an overall ripper from the groomers and trees to the backside of the mountain. You'll find this snowboard is naturally wide and is built with a setback stance and 1cm taper. This is going to keep your nose afloat in powder and offer great maneuverability for trees. Aside from being great in powder, the biggest highlight for me on this snowboard is the sidecut; you will be able to lay aggressively into carves with strong edge hold. The softer rockered nose is also worth pointing out, offering some dampening through choppy snow. 


GNU Mullair

The GNU Mullair is a natural go-to selection in this category. Tailored for Nicholas Muller this is a board that is going to float extremely well, handle large drops, and carve aggressively. You'll find a setback stance, mild taper, full camber profile (GNU C3), as well as Magne Traction for grip in icy high alpine situations. This board is well suited for freestyle trickery on natural terrain as well as bottomless powder tree runs, blasting huge methods, and of course Nico's signature frontside nose butter. This board is better suited for riders with smaller feet due to its narrow waist width, however they do offer a couple of wide options.


Lib Tech Travis Rice HP C2

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro is one of the most aggressive rocker dominant twin's on the market right now. This board is loaded with Lib's C2 rocker/camber, a sintered base, stiff flex, and Magne Traction for grip in that variable high alpine terrain. The end result is a powerhouse of a snowboard that still offers the loose feel and added float you expect from rocker. You'll be able to stomp large drops, float in pow, and carve with superior grip. This is a true twin snowboard and just as ready to spin off natural features as it is to snake through fluffy tree lines.


Capita Mercury

The Capita Mercury is another king of versatility and is the most 'park friendly' snowboard on this list, although it is most definitely a freeride ripping machine. The Mercury's performance stems from an array of high end tech including: setback stance, camrock profile, med-stiff flex, carbon arcs in the tips, and bamboo power rods underfoot. What this means for you is solid float, stability at speed, comfort on jumps, and a surprising amount of pop that rivals the DOA. If you're looking for something to ride the backside of the mountain with, but always throw some freestyle flair into your riding, you're going to be hyped on the Mercury.


Jones Flagship

The Jones Flagship is my personal favorite freeride specific board for 2017/2018, and is well worth the price tag in my opinion. Featuring a setback stance, slight taper, spooned nose and tail, basalt stringers, sintered base, and Magne Traction, this board is fully loaded with some of the most innovative technologies available. You'll get effortless float, insane grip, catch free traverses, great maneuverability, and swift response from the Flagship. Maintaining a precise and powerful feel through technical descents and high speed bomb runs, this is a snowboard that knows no limits.